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MicroStrategy purchases $414.4 million worth of Bitcoin, with total BTC balance eclipsing $3.5 billion

Michael Saylor, CEO of enterprise data analytics company MicroStrategy, announced Monday via a Twitter post and company filing that the firm purchased an additional 7,002 Bitcoin (BTC), worth approximately $414.4 million, at an average price of $59,187 per coin. MicroStrategy sold 571,001 shares of company stock between Oct. 1 and Nov. 29 at $732.16 apiece, raising […]

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Moon Landing initiative brings neurodiversity to NFTs and supports art non-profits

Nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, are certificates of ownership representing digital artwork, music, videos, audio, memorabilia, and more. They have rapidly gained in popularity over the past year for their ability to enable everyday artists to create and sell content. In fact, OpenSea, the world’s biggest NFT marketplace, recently surpassed $1.6 billion in monthly trading volume […]

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Blockchain analytics service Nansen to incorporate DeFi protocol Arbitrum

Blockchain data provider Nansen has announced the upcoming integration of the Arbitrum network to enable its global users, both retail and institutional-grade, the ability to identify emerging trends in the decentralized finance (DeFi) market. Technical charts and quantitative data will be accessible to view within a bespoke Arbitrum dashboard, akin to the more than 100 […]