What is Python Wealth?

PythonWealth is a new era of Cryptocurrency
PythonWealth is a friendly snake born to create a wealthy life for its holders all around the world by providing them passive income with its native token (PW) and let them even gain more profit by staking their assets.
It is fully decentralised, anti whale, anti dump and a community driven token built on binance smart chain for fast, secure and low cost transaction fees. All PythonWealth assets are bound by Bep-20 standards

PythonWealthen is a Decentralized Token, future Swap and NFT platform on Binance Smart Chain that maintains the same tested and true liquidity protection mechanism that is so important for investors. It aims to develop its own smart chain in the near future.                                                                                                                           
The PythonWealth team saw a lot of people interested in trading using a decentralized exchange, but currently the transaction fees are high, so PythonWealth team will solve the main problem that decentralized finance faced in recent past.

Name: PythonWealth
Total Supply: 21,000,000,000,000
Network: Smart Chain
Ticker: PW
Decimals: 8
Contract: 0xe9c300fcbcae91cb5d1a5d6ef92e17086e5d034d copy


Python Chain

It aims to run Python smart chain which let the other blockchains find their shortcomings through it to improve and strengthen their own smart chains.

Python Swap

It is also planned to create its own special and unique swap with Amazing novel features never seen before in any other swaps.

Friends of Python

NFT Platform

NFT Platform is another feature of PythonWealth which will let the users to create, buy, sell and stake their NFT collections easily


Last but not least the kind PythonWealth never forget to help people in need. So a distinct percent of buy and sell tax will be donated to charity inorder to help those who are poor and sick

40% BURN

PythonWealth’s Total Supply is 21,000,000,000,000 which it is not possible to Mint and no more tokens can be created to increase the initial supply. 40% of the total supply was burned and got out of the cycle forever.


Burning 40% of total supply increases the credit of PythonWealth and locking 100% Pancakeswap liquidity guarantees the future development of the project.


Static Rewards

Get rewarded 4% of every transaction just for holding PW

Regular Burns

40% of PythonWealth total supply was burned


Get 300% APR by staking your PW

Airdrop and Shilling contests

Join PythonWealth Airdrop and Shilling  contests to gain more PW
More interests by upcoming developments of PythonWealth

Buyback and Marketing

2% of every transaction will be send to buyback and marketing wallet Buyback prevents huge dumps and Marketing guarantees price increase in the long term


Presale price

10,500,000,000 PW per BNB
PancakeSwap Listing
7,875,000,000 PW per BNB

Token Sale

Hard cap: 300 BNB
Soft cap: 600 BNB
Max Buy: 3 BNB
Min Buy: 0.01 BNB


Presale Phase

Soft cap 300 BNB
Hard cap 600 BNB

Launch Phase

Website Launch
Releasing whitepaper
Contract Deployment
Verifying contact in Bscscan
Advertising Campaigns
Full Techrate Audit
Airdrop distribution

Growth Phase

Influencer Promotions
Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko Listing
Initial CEX Listing
Listing on Cointiger
Listing on
Integration of staking

Expansion Phase

20000 Holders
Full Certik Audit
Billboard Ads
Celebrity Promotions

Utility Phase

35000 Holders
More Media Campaign
Python Swap

NFT Platform Phase

50000 Holders
Running NFT Platform Development
Listing in Centralised Exchanges

Blockchain Phase

100000 Holders
Python Smart Chain Development



Alice Capo
pythonWealth Founder

10 years of experience as CEO Private Limited company, Computer Scientist and Programmer.
Alice has led the charge to bring transformational technology to new industries. He founded and led several internet startups based in US, Germany, India, and the UK.

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer
Vast Experienced in blockchain and smart    contact programming for 12 years.
George is a digital workflow innovator who guides our teams to develop powerful products and solutions.
Community Management

Public Speaker and Motivator, Experienced in Network industries for 8 years.
He is an expert in brand marketing where he consulted with multinational corporations on digital growth strategies. He oversees our Marketing Department, all global marketing activities, and is responsible for user acquisition, branding, and growth.

Community Support

CEO, Entrepreneur and Highly skilled in Corporate Business Management.
She is an executive, and investor for 6 years.
Jeong supports Pythonwealth’s community and facilitates partnership with the most innovative players in our field.

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